Thursday, 21 July 2011

Low Poly Base model for ongoing project in Unity

Over the last two weeks I have been modelling a low poly mesh to test in the Unity engine for an ongoing project we are working on at the moment. I aimed to keep the model under 1500 tris as it gave me enough to play around with the body defination without taking into a high poly state.  I have weighted it to the 'Locomotion' skeleton(Demo Video) as this allows us to use an ideal method of animation for the concept we are working on.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Otherworld Environment Frames

These are the first set of cave based environments I painted for our XBLA project 'Otherworld'.  Each environment was created in 3 layers(background,middleground and foreground) to allow us to create a depth effect when the main character moved around each frame.

Otherworld Main Character Concepts

This are the preliminary concepts and sketches I did for our Otherworld project's main character.  We wanted the character to suit the look of a scientist who has crash landed on an alien planet and must survive its inhabitants, set in a futuristic setting.  The scientist has a wrist mounted interface that he uses to scan the environment and keep track of his progress through the world map and the creatures he encounters.  The concept revolved around the player having to use the environment to their advantage to escape and hostile creatures rather than equiping them with an assortment of weapons.