Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Nightclub level design for Renegade of Humanity

Thought I'd post some of the level design work I created for my degree GDD, this was a used to give an example of the gameplay that would occur in the nightclub I modelled shown in one of my earlier posts.

This outline was adapted from the layout of a London nightclub, allowing me to use give an authentic feel to the environment.
I then block mapped out the club in Maya so I could use it to visualise the gameplay that I designed for the nightclub environment, using props within the environment to give an example of the gameplay each area would offer.

I then presented the gameplay in a storyboard layout andstyle, giving examples of actions the player could take as he progressed through the area towards the boss on the upper level of the nightclub.
Using the base character model I visualised the gamplay in more detail, depicting the different gameplay experiences the player could choose depending on if a stealthy or more aggressive action suited their playing style.