Saturday, 6 September 2014

Aenir for Draw or Die Ascension 11

Concept for Aenir (Draw or Die Ascension 11)

Excerpt from the brief:

'Aenir is the protagonist in this world. An ex-adventurer who has settled down and raised a family. She has a long and patterned history, but has succumbed to the relatively quiet life of wifedom and motherhood. She is strong of mind and willful, but a mature and kindly humoured character, with her new role having softened her once reckless persona. You can still see the spark in her eyes though.
She has a medium build, is in her mid 40s, but in good shape for her years. Add some clever scars to suggest her past. Her hair is long and auburn. Her clothes are furs and animal-hide, but not without decoration. Make it your own. Does she have exotic jewellery? Or perhaps some intricate stitching? It’s up to you. The trick is to remember the balance of who she was, and who she now is.'

WIP so far...
Quick Greyscale Sketch
Compositon Thumbs