About the artist

I recently graduated University studying Games Design with an Upper Second, I am aspiring to become a concept and character artist in the games industry and would be delighted with an entry level position in any art or modeling related positions.

I am willing to re locate in order to achieve a placement in an Art and Design related entry level position, I feel my skills suit the job title of Junior Artist allowing me to work in 2D and 3D art generation.

My current skills include character/creature painting and texture painting in Photoshop, asset and character modeling in Maya, also basic character rigging in Maya.

I am currently learning ZBrush and the Unreal 3 Editor.

In my spare time I am also working on an as yet untitled project with a group of designers and coders to create a arcade sized gametitle that will progress over the summer, with the goal of releasing it on XBLA, PSN and Steam once we have adapted it for each platform.

I also write gaming related articles for a blog called Gainboy under the tag ‘PsychoKhronos’ at http://gainboy.blogspot.com/

I also created a small Independent game studio with some friends under the name Scitalis Games so we could gain experience working as a team of coders and artists.  We released a game called Infans Solaris in 2011 that was originally available on Direct2Drive before the site changed.  A XBLA build was also created but was never published due to the XBLA testers having an issue with foreign nature of the name.