Saturday, 28 August 2010

Future Soldier Suit Concepts

My next project was creating a set of futuristic armour suits for the three character classes, I wanted these to have a clean, almost plain corporation type look to them.  The fighters wouldn't use conventional futuristic guns either,  I preferred concepting for melee based combat situations.

Brawler Suit concepts
The brawler's suit was designed to take a lot of punishment, also his main weapon would be a power fist weapon on his right hand, with the left acting like a shield.
Rogue suit concepts
This character suits is designed to be more streamlined, to help translate the nimble and quick style of the fighter, I considered his weapons to be plasma blades mounted each wrist gauntlet.
Commander suit concepts
(I wanted the commander unit to have a helmet that gave them almost 360degrees view of the battlefield, so toyed around with different visors and cameras integrated into the helmet.)

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