Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Renegade Of Humanity Game Concept Overview

The next few posts will be an insight into some of the work I produced for my Game Design Document, over the 100+ pages I covered everything to do with the concept including NPC's, Characters, Locations, Gameplay Mechanics and USP's.

I began with some concepts for the Main Character and back story to the concept, his appearance is supposed to suggest he is like every other normal person, that is until he's life is changed after he goes looking for a friend who has been declared missing.  Upon exploring her last known whereabouts he is knocked out and captured, waking up infected with an ancient parasite.  This should allow him to be taken over and used by the parasite within him, as an instrument for their plans.  But something goes wrong and Joey is able to withstand the parasitic influence and control the powers the parasite holds, allowing him access to their powers and inherited skills. 

The goal of the games story is that he must now find the source of the parasite infection and discover a way to remove and kill the parasite within him without killing him in the process.  
He discovers these parasites have been living unknown amongst London’s Population for decades slowly consuming the human population and turning them into parasite hosts.  The source of the parasite is somewhere around London and he must retrieve six pieces of an ancient parasite scripture in order to locate the main source.  The whereabouts of their leader, also known as ‘The Ancient one’ is a secret kept amongst the nine Eldar's of the parasite colony, each of these is entrusted with an excerpt of the scripture.  The only way to get hold of this is to eliminate the Eldar guarding it and retrieve it from its headquarters.

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