Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Mayan Tribes People done in a simple but edgy style!

This was the second of my honours themes, which is based around Mayan tribes people, with this tried trying a very different style to what I normally draw, leaning towards a more cartoony and angular look rather than realistic.

These were the concepts for the different character types of the tribes people, playing around with tatoos and different body and face shapes. Alot of time was spent experimenting with how to make the faces look tribal but at the same time make them fit with the class they are meant to represent.

For the Tribesman/Hunter style class, I feel the edgy square style used for the body really works to emphasise the style I'm going for and give them a toned physique.

The Warrior/Tank body shape really carrys the kind of character that I wanted to produce, a strong, battle hardened warrior who looks and its dressed tough.

I drew the Eldar in a slim but robust body shape to emphasise his prowess and the wisdom that he carries with him.

I attempted to create a sneaky/assassin class in the guise of a female tribes woman, I used smoother edges on this character dude to the female form and the way that she is supposed to look seductive.

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